Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Swap Goodies

Heather received her package yesterday so now I can show you what I sent her! I had so much fun putting this all together.

Something Chocolatey: Chocolate Charlie, it's made here in South Bend and is only available during the holidays!

Bits of Fabric: She has 3 boys already and is pregnant with a girl, so I thought a charm pack of Bliss would be nice. Very girly.

Something Homemade: I tried my hand at a wonky star. I put three of them together and they made the cutest table runner. I used Christmas fabric but not so Christmasy that it couldn't be used other times.

Something Unexpected: I put together some homemade Christmas cards for her to use. I actully added 2 more to the four shown in the picture.

And I threw in an ornament just for the heck of it :)

Table runner

Close up of a star. I just did some simple quilting around the star and around the frame of the quilt. I love the scrappy border :)

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gale said...

I love that border too-it's so cute. The stars look great-very wonky! lol