Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Block #6

These blocks made me want to pull my hair out!!!! I think I took the yellow one apart 4 different times! There's even a hole in the green fabric somewhere where I got a little aggressive with my seam ripper! I might actually redo that one completely, it just looks messy and puckery. I still have to do block 1. It called for a little more fabric than the layer cake piece actually had so I have to go and hopefully find a fat quarter to match the fabric I want to use.
Thanks for stopping by, off to Bradleys first baseball game of the season!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am loving, loving, LOVING this quilt along!! These blocks are so much fun to put together. Well, it's fun AFTER their put together, triangles give me migraines! Please, don't zoom in :)
What I like most about these blocks are their finished size, they're a whopping 10 inches! What an impact the fabric has when you can see so much more of the pattern in the block.

Blocks 3 and 6

Blocks 2 and 4
I think I could make a quilt out of block 2 alone, so simple!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chop Chop

Since I was so late in finding and signing up for Rachels Quilt along, I had to catch up and cut my fabric for the 1st 5 blocks that she posted over the last 5 weeks. Block #6 should be posted sometime today. I plan on getting them all sewn up this week!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


So one day last weekend was National Quilting Day and I knew nothing about it! I saw the pretty fabrics people bought themselves to celebrate, and all the projects people started. I felt robbed because I wanted to shop to celebrat too! So I waited patiently all week for my awesome quilt store to have their We Feed You, You Feed Them event today!! All you had to do was bring in 2 canned goods for the Food Bank of Northern Indiana, and if you got there between 6-6:30 am you got 30% off everything, 6:30-7:30 you got 25%, 7:30- 3:30 you get 20% off. What time was I there? Yup, I was there at 6:08! I don't even do that on Black Friday. I don't even get up that early on school days! Anyway, I bought a Frolic layer cake and 3yds of a vintage white fabric to start my Pinwheel Sampler Quilt, a couple really cute fat quarters and the denim needles I need to hopefully get my denim quilt together this weekend. It was totally worth the lack of sleep :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here's the progress so far on the denim quilt. I have the blocks together and will hopefully have the rows together tomorrow. I need a heavy duty needle for the extra layers of denim at the seems. I also have a friend with an embroidery machine who is going to help me embelish a square or two ;)

More Giveaways!!!!

Run don't walk to Abbey Lane Quilts! It was my first visit to Abbey Lane and it quickly became one of my favorites! Just look at these Abbey Bags! You could win one! They have some SUPER CUTE quilt patterns too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sandi at A Legacy of Stitches has put together a celebration of spring giveaway! She contacted a great group of bloggers to host a blog hop. Everyone that is participating is giving away goodies! Simply visit their blogs and leave a comment to be entered to win some really generous prizes. Good Luck!
Be sure to check out Kellys blog too! She's having a 30 Days of Giveaways!


Nothing much to show today. I've been busy digging for old jeans and cutting them to shreads. I've decided to make a couple of these. It can't get much easier than sewing together 6 1/2 in squares!

Aren't the holes kind of cool?!

I thought that I'd share a picture of my sewing buddy Frankie.....if I'm at my sewing machine, that's where he's sleeping, right at my feet! If I get up to use the iron, I have to pry him off the pedal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Inspiration

I'm a copy cat. I see lots of ideas and projects on all the wonderful blogs out there that I want to make EVERYTHING! I've recently been inspired by Casey at Little Adventures to make a denim quilt. I dug up all the old jeans I could find!

I would also like to take part in Rachel Griffiths Pinwheel sampler quilt along. She started back in January so I have to get busy and get started! On my way to the quilt store now!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little Ambicious

My second quilting class was a Friendship Star wall hanging. I didn't feel the need to have another wall hanging so I thought I would basically triple the "recipe" and make myself the perfect lap quilt to cuddle with on the couch!
I was instantly drawn to the Oz collection by Moda as it sat right outside the classroom door. Many Thangles later I had lots to work with.

As the laundry piled up I was busy putting all the blocks together.

My dining room table, where I do all my sewing, was the perfect size to put all the yummy blocks in perfect order!

This is my quilt 85% done. I used a twin size flat sheet in a taupey color for the back so I wouldn't have to piece fabric together. I plan on machine quilting it. Being new to quilting there's still many tools that I don't have and one of them is a darning foot for my machine, I will hopefully find one this week and get it finished! I know it's bright, but I love the colors, perhaps growing up in the 80's influenced my color choices :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gracie's Quilt

I made this adorable baby doll quilt for my niece! It's done with pre cut Verna fabric by Moda. I think it's one my favorite fabric lines so far! I just love how fresh and springy it is!
And what's a cute baby doll quilt without some little matching pillows? I just couldn't resist!

My First Quilt

Here it is, my very first quilt! It may or may not hang in the bedroom. I might just find a pattern that I like better, or at least get some more practice before actually displaying any of my work in full view :) I had a blast learning the basics of quilting and can't wait to keep creating! I've quickly fallen in love with fabric and just love all the delicious patterns and colors! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm back!!!

I wish I could say I've been on an extended vacation somewhere warm and toasty, but the truth is I got lazy and just didn't have anything exciting to blog about. Life got kind of busy with the boys getting older so this wasn't a priority. I've learned to quilt! :) I fell head over heals in love with fabric and all the wonderful things you can make with it. Similar to the way I fell in love with paper when I stamped, only more so! I may still stamp once in a while but I didn't name this blog My Addictions for nothing.
After being away from this for so long I need to figure how to blog again. I've spent a lot time browsing and being inspired by tons of wonderful blogs, I want to make everything I see! Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon to show my newest creations :)