Saturday, March 27, 2010


So one day last weekend was National Quilting Day and I knew nothing about it! I saw the pretty fabrics people bought themselves to celebrate, and all the projects people started. I felt robbed because I wanted to shop to celebrat too! So I waited patiently all week for my awesome quilt store to have their We Feed You, You Feed Them event today!! All you had to do was bring in 2 canned goods for the Food Bank of Northern Indiana, and if you got there between 6-6:30 am you got 30% off everything, 6:30-7:30 you got 25%, 7:30- 3:30 you get 20% off. What time was I there? Yup, I was there at 6:08! I don't even do that on Black Friday. I don't even get up that early on school days! Anyway, I bought a Frolic layer cake and 3yds of a vintage white fabric to start my Pinwheel Sampler Quilt, a couple really cute fat quarters and the denim needles I need to hopefully get my denim quilt together this weekend. It was totally worth the lack of sleep :)

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gale said...

Oh wow what a great shopping day!! On Superbowl Sunday our local shop had 30% off and I spent (after discount) over $100. And I didn't regret it one bit.