Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Block #6

These blocks made me want to pull my hair out!!!! I think I took the yellow one apart 4 different times! There's even a hole in the green fabric somewhere where I got a little aggressive with my seam ripper! I might actually redo that one completely, it just looks messy and puckery. I still have to do block 1. It called for a little more fabric than the layer cake piece actually had so I have to go and hopefully find a fat quarter to match the fabric I want to use.
Thanks for stopping by, off to Bradleys first baseball game of the season!!


gale said...

Those look really hard!! I admire you for doing them in the first place. Do you use anything for the triangle squares? I did a top where I used thangles and they were great.

Cris A said...

Hi Gale,
I used Thangles in the last quilt I made, but this time I used the Half Square Triangle tutorial that Rachel (lady hosting quilt along)posted on her blog. It was just as easy I think as using Thangles, plus I didn't have to buy anything! Glad you like the blocks, I think I'm going to redo both of these, one is messy and I don't care for the coloring in the red one so much, the patterns are to similar.

Cheryl said...

They look good to me. I envy people that can quilt. Great job.