Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm back!!!

I wish I could say I've been on an extended vacation somewhere warm and toasty, but the truth is I got lazy and just didn't have anything exciting to blog about. Life got kind of busy with the boys getting older so this wasn't a priority. BUT.....now I've learned to quilt! :) I fell head over heals in love with fabric and all the wonderful things you can make with it. Similar to the way I fell in love with paper when I stamped, only more so! I may still stamp once in a while but I didn't name this blog My Addictions for nothing.
After being away from this for so long I need to figure how to blog again. I've spent a lot time browsing and being inspired by tons of wonderful blogs, I want to make everything I see! Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon to show my newest creations :)

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