Friday, April 2, 2010

Block #1

Finally got block #1 completed. I stopped at the quilt shop yesterday to see if they had yardage of the Frolic fabric. It was all still in the back waiting to be cut into fat quarters and put out on the floor :( BUT, the nice lady offered to cut me the fat quarters that I needed!!! I LOVE Erica's!

What's this mess? Yup, I started another project. I have this great Ginger Blossom fabric that's just dying to get made into another pinwheel quilt! I guess I don't completely hate triangles.

Finally, I just had to share this adorable picture. He had his first baseball "tryout"/practice yesterday evening and was just whomped out! He fell asleep on the couch, so I woke him up and told him to go to bed. Well, he made it half way off the couch. He slept like that for about 20 minutes before I realized he hadn't gone to bed yet!


gale said...

Those blocks look great! I am so jealous you get to shop at Erica's. I have to buy from them via mail order or drive 2 hours or more to go there. Maybe I'll make that trip someday... that sleeping pic is hilarious. I have pics just like it of my son sleeping on the side of his bed one night. The ginger blossom fabric is gorgeous-can't wait to see how it turns out.

amy smart said...

That picture is so great!! lol.

I love all of your pinwheel blocks. So perfect for this time of year.